Guy Carvalho
Chief Executive Officer

A respected leader in public and private companies throughout Asia, Guy is someone for whom breakthrough thinking and ideas are intrinsic. Highly commercial and entrepreneurial, Guy is always five steps ahead of the curve solving systemic customer and industry challenges. Guy combines insight, creativity, data and technology to help unlock value and growth that is human centered, transformative and sustainable. Guy is guided by a mission and set of values that are focused on a higher-order approach to growth and draws upon his significant expertise in banking and large-scale global transformation to deliver exceptional outcomes. His expertise extends from lifting corporate performance to capturing the full potential of technology and the digital economy through start-ups. Throughout his career, Guy has led numerous due diligences and restructuring efforts as well as guided complex transformations across multiple countries. A passionate, hard-working and savvy leader, Guy possesses a rare ability to analyze the big picture as well as the critical detail which ensures everyone is always kept on their toes! Guy’s naturally warm and engaging style engenders confidence and positivity from all who are fortunate to enter his orbit.

Jeff Bloom
Chief Operating Officer

Jeff brings enormous operational and financial clout to IBA through his long-standing expertise in large-scale operational transformations across the banking sector. An acknowledged industry ‘expert’, Jeff is regularly called upon for his smarts across Australian and Asian markets. Jeff’s brilliance was discovered early, when he assumed COO responsibilities for ANZ Qatar at the ripe old age of 28! This was followed by appointments as COO in Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore. A master at managing complexity and people, Jeff is the consummate leader who is driven to ‘do the right thing by the customer” and a relentless focus on achieving outstanding commercial results. Jeff’s style is characterized by integrity, inclusivity and inquisitiveness and this is reflected in all that he does. A calm and measured manner instils confidence in all, particularly during times of unrelenting pressure. Family and friends are the bedrock of Jeff’s life and he applies the same operational discipline to ensuring they are uppermost and well supported.

Craig Glendenning
Chief Technology Officer

With an enviable track record in IT Tech, security and new technology, Craig is the master of taking radically complicated concepts, simplifying them, and developing genius technology. He is the innovator behind BPay, Pay Wave and P2P payment systems that have been universally adopted across the globe. Unlike lesser mortals, Craig can deconstruct complex constructs to see the future and identify breakthrough and commercial technology opportunities. A critical and analytical thinker, Craig is perpetually looking to break with tradition and disrupt the status quo. Craig’s relentless pursuit of new and better ways of doing things drives his desire to “give anything a go” – even building a new home by hand, with the same level of precision that he applies to technology problems. Sharp, urbane and direct, Craig is someone that demands you are at your best and never asleep at the wheel!

Dave Worthington
Chief Customer Officer

Dave is the ultimate customer advocate having championed and embedded genuine customer centricity within some of the largest and most intractable organizations and sectors across Australia. Undaunted by entrenched and unwieldy processes, Dave has been influential in developing some of Australia’s most innovative and valuable customer products and initiatives. A data afficionado, Dave thrives on interpreting and solving complex data problems and creating new tools and systems that drive efficiency and empower customers. A much sought-after negotiator, Dave has been at the forefront of many complex and high-profile joint venture negotiations throughout his career. While not being afraid to “call it”, Dave brings a refreshing energy, positivity and inclusiveness to his working environment. Known for his commercial pragmatism and high- performance expectations, David is always able to see the human side and cuts through with much needed humor and empathy. Dave is the quintessential ‘good guy’ who is passionate about people, the community, his family and the planet.

Saif Hazarika
Chief Strategy Officer

A serial innovator, Saif identifies opportunities and creates value from the most lateral and unexpected sources. Saif possesses an enviable ability to leverage newfound technology with a finely honed commercial lens and create truly ground-breaking ideas. An impressive track record in banking and large-scale enterprises, Saif’s career has been characterized by many ‘firsts’ – Australia’s first electronic verification checklist; first digital banking app (ANZ), first digital savings product and a myriad of successful marketplaces. With an IQ the size of a small country, Saif never stands still and is forever questioning, learning and challenging himself. His focus, high energy and drive are second to none. And most delightfully, Saif is warm, approachable and empathetic. Saif is hard-wired to excel and is relentless in his quest for new ideas, experiences and adventures. He is almost always the smartest person at the table.

Sandeep Madhavan
Head of Country, India

The consummate optimist and entrepreneur, Sandeep achieved early success with Sporto Buddy, a disruptive online portal and mobile app that delivers a holistic sporting experience using location intelligence and is recognized as one of India’s most influential and successful start-ups. Sandeep’s obsession with sport is only matched by his passion to identify new and disruptive opportunities to empower and create value for people. His fun, laidback and easy-going style belies his deep commercial smarts, technical know-how and killer instincts to succeed. With a strong background in people leadership, Sandeep is much admired for his ability to support and encourage people to achieve their best evidenced by his track record in driving double digit revenue growth for many tech-enabled businesses and long-standing relationships. Sandeep is the ultimate ideas person with a unique ability to translate ideas into reality; galvanize people around a vision and ensure everyone is happily on the journey.

Mel McMillan
Chief Marketing Officer

A global marketing and communications executive with experience in established and emerging economies. Mel has delivered significant shareholder and stakeholder value for more than 60 listed, privately held and government organizations across technology (startups and pure play e-commerce businesses), financial services, government, communications and retail sectors. Analytical, creative and innovative, Mel is sought after for her expertise in leading digital transformation, customer experience design and industry innovation across multiple industry sectors. Accomplished in all facets of digital transformation strategy and execution and building high performing and integrated marketing and technology teams. Mel brings strong commercial acumen, robust thinking and deep technical expertise across business, customer value, transformation, marketing, communications, stakeholder engagement and reputation strategy development and execution. Mel is sharp and quick-witted and, on most days, looks for the good in people and situations.