IBoA aims to be a new independent digital bank that lets you take control of your financial wellbeing through a simple, intuitive and personalised banking experience.

IBoA directly responds to an unaddressed latent market need for curated products and services available seamlessly to people and businesses engaging across borders. The IBoA concept is developed to support seamless cross border capital flows from anywhere to anywhere with the underlying principles and needs driving such flows being the same. It is envisaged that we will in future have a full global service capability for supporting borderless investment, eCommerce, people movement, payments, and related banking needs through select bank partnerships as well as IBoA expansion.

We aspire to create and maintain relevant, meaningful and trusted relationships with our customers, business partners, team members and the broader community.

Our Mission

Our Mission


To simplify life for people and businesses engaging across borders and help them connect with each other seamlessly, access trusted services and take charge of their financial future.​

Helping you into your new life in Australia.

Our Vision


A new digital bank designed for a new generation of customers and their unique needs. A fully operable ‘borderless’ bank account that can be set-up and operated prior to arrival in the destination country, with an ecosystem of services supporting the seamless flow of capital, ecommerce, and mobility of people.

Scalable across multiple geographic corridors to enable seamless flow of capital and trade. Differentiated from other neobanks as not simply focussed on winning customers from existing in-country banks.

These are the relationships that last.